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Translations from the reverse:  

JS30-93 ~ The Giants Canibalized the young (The Hewixi) ~

This is the way the Hewixi were in the First Times, when this world was discovered, how they eat each other, how they swallow each other.

They hunted in what they would call traditional way and hunted a young girl, or young life. They did not hunt down an old person for the sacrifice, because their gods did not accept it in that way.

They kept the flesh and the next day, they would distribute it among themselves.

So the Hewixi are the ones, who way in the past, battled with the ancestors of the Huichol and they controlled the land, where the Huichol established themselves and are established to this day.

When the Huichol arrived there, they had conflicts with the Hewixi since the Hewixi sacrificed human beings, each other frequently, to hold major ceremonies, and routinely eat each other for sustenance.

So we have two Hewixi, both being victims of human sacrifice. The arrows were anointed with the blood of the victims.

And then we have parts of thier body, because the Hewixi were really not very human in a real sense, they were also giants, they were strange beings, who transformed themselves into wild animals (we see parts of their cloas). We also see parts of the body, the flesh, that has been kept, you see a head, spine, feet, ribs and two hearts.

And it looks as if tatutsi Maxacuaxi, or his spirit Kauyumarie, appear out of a hole, spying on these people who lived in caves, to see how they could take away the Hawixi's instruments of power, their sacred bow1 (in the center), in which the blood of one of the victims flows.
JS?-93 ~ Not translated Jose Benitez Sanchez



(Balance of translations left off for time and space.  Greg M.)

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