Welcome to the Huichol Museum ~ Sales are now reopened. We had closed to honor Jose Benitez Sanchez, who passed away 02 July 2009.

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 Yarn of the Month
(32" x 48"- #18)* E.Paz Felix Ruiz Gonzalez

Special ~ $4,400 -- (Free Shipping UPS Ground)
(32" x 48"- #18)* E.Paz Felix Ruiz Gonzalez

Hold to 12 March

Yarns may be purchased by Phone or e-Mail contact.  
We must approve each purchase, and discuss your shipping options.  

 Email:   GregMolenaar (@) Yahoo.com   or by phone:  320-224-6603.

Programming and photographs on these pages are Copyright 2007 
All rights reserved.  No reproductions without written permission of PmMarketing,
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 Examples of other private Huichol displays:  001 - 002 - 003
The yarns in this collection are a product of over 30-years of selection by a private collector. His desire was for them to be held together in a public museum, hence this site. If any collector wishes to place them in a permanent public Huichol Museum, the combined value of the purchase will be discounted 10 percent.
Museum prices subject to change without notice - Phone 320-224-6603

  • Contact -- GregMolenaar (at) Yahoo.com -- prior to purchase to confirm price, availability, and shipping details. Questions invited.
  • Click Add to Cart  to place a sincerity deposit towards shipping cost through Paypal.  Excess shipping will be credited to purchase.
  • We will place a HOLD on the web page for two weeks, and confirm your purchase by return email with close-up photos of the artwork
  • Payment balance for Yarn Paintings may be made by personal check or bank wire (not by Paypal).
  • Paypal sincerity deposit will be forfeited if payment does not follow within one week of our confirmation email.
  • All sales are final.  Insurance claims for loss or damage are the responsibility of the recipient.
  • A 3% discount is provided for purchases of three or more pieces at one time.

$125 Deposit to hold purchases, applied to UPS Shipping & Crating


Navigation to yarns by size:  
 Home -- 4-- 8 -- 10 -- 12 -- 16 -- 24 -- 18x24 -- 24x32 -- 24x36 -- 28x36 -- 32x48 -- 48x48 -- 48x96


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